My name is Mary Em and I am writing this looking at Marseille from a seagull's point of view.


Who I am

I am a graphic designer and photographer, with a rich multicultural background. Russian, born in Kazakhstan, grown up in China, formed in France, I never stop travelling and exploring new cultures. I love working on projects from other countries.


Empathic and insightful, I am strong at storytelling, whether with letters or visuals. I am here to accompany you in creation of your brand, write a story around it, show your message to the world.


What I do


Visual Identity



Art Direction

Content Creation

Editorial Design

Video Editing



What else?

Beside design I have some other passions. I love gardening. Travelling, discovering this world - it's almost like a lifestyle for me. I am happy that my work gives me the possibility to not be attached to one place. Reading, video-making, singing, having deep and meaningful (or not) conversations, caring about ecology, noticing new and unexpected things around... But all that brings me back to creating.



2019 -2020 - Design Assistant at Lesley Moore

2019 -2020 - Master 2 ECV Aix-en-Provence

2015 - 2018 - Graphic Design Baccalaureate ECV

2017 - 2018 - AD Assistant Noire Studio/ Stephane Lamalle


Identity - Post Studio, Bielke and Yang

Photography, Video Production - Didier Deroin

Identity - Tobias Röder

Experimental Typography - Anthony Burill

Identity - Warriors Studio