Staying safe is not the safest decision. To find out if you can fly you need to jump off the cliff.
Simple as that but needs to be repeated.
Do worry, but do risk it.



What fascinates me the most about this world - is the amount of things I’ve never heard of and have never seen.
I remember when I was 8, I discovered our school library - just sign up and take any book for free. Once I told my friend @shakherezada a promising plan of mine - to read all the books from those shelves. Of course I never did, but it was the very first resolution I’ve ever made in my life. (Not counting the «getting ahead of the age of my older sister» one).
Sometimes I forget how much I am missing out by not being curious enough. So when I «wake up» from the numb state of «scrolling and consuming», I start searching, reading, learning like a fool. Listening to a podcast while looking for new art directors and making up ideas for my personal projects.
I want to remind myself, that learning should be an everyday routine. Don’t keep turning in the same circles - there’s always something new to find.



You will be surprised by how much others could teach you. Don’t interrupt but ask questions and don’t undervalue other’s experiences.