Fork : Home Issue

Art direction, layout design, photography

Fork is a magazine about life choices, where different points of view on everyday life topics are approached. The first edition is about home. More precisely - what is home? Where do we feel the most like it? What are the possible ways of living nowadays - have a stable house, living on the road, sharing space with others etc. Fork is here to show you the wide possibilities of this life and give you a choice to make. Because you always have one.


This is a work I did in 2019 as my master thesis. I am a third culture kid - someone who’s born, grew up and lived in several different countires. In 23 years I’ve moved 24 times, it made me have a lot of questions about home, as my perception of it is very different from the stereotyped one. 


This work consists of a big analyse of various of topics, art direction of a magazine, edition, layout design, interviews, photography, graphic design in general.

How it all began

The most intimate - home

Photography taken during interviews